Interview for the Full Pelt Music podcast

Harvey and Deano had an interesting chat with Paul from the Full Pelt Music podcast about socially-conscious lyrics, setlists, encores, our music community, band mottos and much more. Also on Spotify at

Follow your Hunches – lyrics

I think you’re a punk but you don’t know yetYou’re just a rough cut diamond lying under like a hidden gemIt’s not how you talk, it’s how you behaveWe don’t judge you by your words, it’s your actions that give you awayYou don’t need no mohawk, you don’t need no safety pinWe always knew it […]

Third single “Eye for an Eye” out March 3rd

Our third single “Eye for an Eye” releases on March 3rd. It’s a pacifist song about the consequences of revenge and retaliation. We recorded it with Producer Sam Cook (Harker, Ducking Punches) in Lincoln, UK. Jack Gregory (Hell’s Ditch, Northern Captives) guested again on drums. The online blog Thoughts Words Action premiered the multi-cam live […]

New video to premiere on YouTube Dec 5th

We’re premiering the video of our follow-up single “Everything Changed in a Minute” on Monday 5th December 2022 at 8.30pm (GMT) Save it to your video playlist at The single releases on January 6th, 2023 on all streaming platforms. Find it on your preferred service at Also available for download now at […]

Hunch Power are back on the studio

Playing Aloud Studios in Lincoln (UK) are hosting the recording sessions for the next two singles that Hunch Power will be releasing in early 2023. Sam Cook (Harker, Ducking Punches) is producing again with Jack Gregory (Northern Captives, Hell’s Ditch) on drums. The new songs are the follow-up to “Stop the World”, their debut single […]

Stop the World – lyrics

In the park, in the park, in the middle of the park Where everybody’s eyes can judge and see What you did was recklessWhat you said was pointless And now it’s our turn to claim some truth Why did you stop? Did you stop my world from spinning ‘round? For the sake of the things […]

In the studio with Sam Cook

The recording sessions for Hunch Power’s debut single “Stop the World” started on Friday 10th June at Playing Aloud Studios in Lincoln, UK. “We’re very excited to be working with Sam Cook who’s produced some of our favourite bands in the current Punk-Rock scene. He’s been very supportive since we got in touch and during […]