Should I Ever Forget – lyrics

Would you let your heart die in the cold?So why d’you feed your body not your soul? Let me take you down where I come from We’ll meet the kind of fools we may become When I ride you stallWhen I climb you crawlAnd if you sink I floatHow come we always end up caked […]

Sick Sick World – lyrics

It’s a sick sick world, I keep trying to heal but it makes me get ill againIt’s a toxic world, I keep holding my breath but it’s not only about the airIt’s a sick damned world, it’ll take a leap of faith just to accept that we all need to change So throw your old […]

Is this the End – Lyrics

Is this the end?Is this the end?Is this the end or just the beginning? Or just the beginning? I’ve been eating from a broken plate againNo one around me seemed to careI’ve been washing my hands ‘til my skin turned grey I couldn’t even share the pain Why is it always down to me to […]

Into the Wild – lyrics

There’s rewards for every sinner and salvation They put blame on every saint and repression But your body felt so cold and wet on that moonlit hidden pathDown to the creek where we once lost our heads to regret that every time But you looked so lost and lovely when we first met Just like […]

Eye for an Eye – lyrics

Well I got trapped in a war that wasn’t even mineAnd I was forced to choose between the worst of the good and the best of the bad And when you write your thoughts you’re also burning bridges and closing doors An eye for an eye will make the whole world go blind A tooth […]

Secret Life – lyrics

Barry’s got two faces and a secret lifeAnd no one else can understand whyHe struggles through the day like a sore vampire And shelters in The City ‘til dark But as the moon goes up and the sun goes down He turns into this Rock & Roll starWhite collar in the day, black leather in […]

New video to premiere on YouTube Dec 5th

We’re premiering the video of our follow-up single “Everything Changed in a Minute” on Monday 5th December 2022 at 8.30pm (GMT) Save it to your video playlist at The single releases on January 6th, 2023 on all streaming platforms. Find it on your preferred service at Also available for download now at […]

Hunch Power are back on the studio

Playing Aloud Studios in Lincoln (UK) are hosting the recording sessions for the next two singles that Hunch Power will be releasing in early 2023. Sam Cook (Harker, Ducking Punches) is producing again with Jack Gregory (Northern Captives, Hell’s Ditch) on drums. The new songs are the follow-up to “Stop the World”, their debut single […]